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Buying a property in Turkey in installments for foreigners

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 12, 2021

Are you thinking of buying a property in installments?

Learn about the terms of ownership, including whether the installment plan is interest-bearing or interest-free.

Find out how to buy a property in Turkey. You can make payments for your purchases over time in Turkey.

Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey in installments for foreigners?

Turkish real estate sales have seen a quantum leap due to the great offers that have been launched.

The program allowed the investor to purchase real estate in comfortable installments of more than 120 months.
This was not limited to Turkish investors only; It came to people who were not Turks, but also to foreigners, which made the options for buying real estate in installments in Turkey one of the most requested options for everyone who wants to own and invest.


What are the conditions for real estate in installments in Turkey?

Under Turkish law, the buyer is not required to meet specific conditions.

After selecting the appropriate property and submitting a copy of the title deed (Tabu) or a real estate statement and a copy of the property’s location on the map and plan of the region’s municipality, taking the personal tax number and translating his passport into a Turkish notarized by a Turkish notary and four personal photos, then he signs the purchase contract with the seller. The agreed down payment has been made. Obtains the transfer of ownership and then the Land Registry Department reviews it with the owner.

How to buy a property in Turkey in installments

There are only two ways to buy a property in installments in Turkey: through the bank (which is easier) or directly from the seller.


It is the favorite of people because it has no benefit in buying a property directly from Turkish construction companies.

The company arranges the official sale of goods. Determines the amount of the advance payment and the monthly payments thereon.

the second

Through a bank loan, the bank buys the specified property and holds it as collateral until the full repayment of the payments with interest is completed. This is not suitable for foreigners only for citizens of Turkey.

When buying a property in Turkey, one must be aware of the important issues.

There are many important details to consider when buying a property in installments. These details are explained in the next paragraph.

The customer may transfer the property even if it is in installments.

Real estate companies often do not transfer ownership to the customer (the buyer) until after the payments due from him are completed, unless he provides certain guarantees that guarantee the right of the construction company.

Private and government companies present a deed certified by a notary, which means the transfer of ownership of the property.
This contract authorizes the owner of the property to sell it to another person. The new owner will take care of all the remaining payments on the old owner.
When selling to a third party, the construction company must be present because they are the original owner of the property.
When selling to a third party, there is a certain fee to be paid to the notary, which is agreed upon by both parties.

The buyer can sell the property to one or more people after the approval of the original owner.
The title deed is received after all installments are paid to the last owner of the property. If there is more than one person involved in the property, each person will share equally in its ownership.

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