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Buying an apartment in Turkey – Buy a Turkish apartment remotely

Buying an apartment in Turkey remotely

The real estate sector in Turkey offers many advantages, such as the possibility of owning real estate in Turkey without a personal presence, which further reassures investors that all procedures and things will be done legally.

The demand for buying an apartment in Turkey is increasing, so why? What are the advantages of buying it this way? Many details related to these topics will be discussed in a later article.

The reasons that led to the increased demand for buying real estate in Turkey via the Internet:
Because of the Corona virus, which imposed various preventive and precautionary measures, as flights to and from Turkey were suspended, in addition to curfew restrictions.
The right decision was to buy a property in Turkey with the presence of many real estate companies that offer a lot of guarantees that reassure their customers.
Many advertisements promoting buying an apartment in Turkey have spread from afar, because they highlight the most important features of the property.
The real estate company can easily communicate with the client. By sending all the required documents and papers through the Turkish consulate or embassy, ​​the customer can buy an apartment in Turkey, and his money will be transferred to a Turkish bank.
The most important advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey from a distance:
the ease of the required procedures and low costs, as the buyer will not bear the expenses of travel or hotel reservations.
Real estate in Turkey is a safe portfolio that contributes to the development of its price, especially with the recovery that the Turkish economy is witnessing and the growth that it continues to achieve. As a general rule, a second grader likes to ask me questions as a way of getting to know what he is reading. I was happy to list some of his answers and ask him questions in return. I think we both had a great time. But sometimes he enters his own world of reading and does not look at it.
Many investors rushed to buy an apartment in Turkey, because it is a worthwhile opportunity to seize at the right price based on the right value.
Buying an apartment in Turkey remotely
Buying an apartment in Turkey

What are the steps to buy an apartment in Turkey from a distance:

When you want to buy an apartment in Turkey, you should consider the following things:

1. The school must investigate all matters relating to the property:
First, we must find out everything about the property. Is it located in a city? How does it look? Is it close to public facilities or far from it? What is the property size? How many rooms and balconies does it have?

To know all this accurately, it is useful to use one of the websites of one of the trustworthy real estate companies located in Turkey. These companies have established a long standing reputation in Turkey for their reliability and integrity. To get the best settlement deal, it is highly recommended to work with one of these trusted companies.

2f – For an online tour:
Your real estate company should take a virtual tour of your property in order to highlight other options. Through this, several options can be displayed and then selected by the buyer.

3- Organizing the sales contract:
At this stage, the sales contract will be organized legally and within the usual procedures. The price of the property will be negotiated. After signing, the buyer must pay the first part of the sale price with money (i.e. cash) through a bank.
This is something that will be very important to the person who is buying this property. The real estate company follows up the process of obtaining the title deed of this property and then sends a copy of all papers to the buyer.

4 – Receipt of the real estate key:
After the sale is completed, the new owner can receive his property when he comes to Turkey, and he can assign the real estate company to manage it, follow up the tenants, organize contracts and carry out periodic maintenance of the property. Maintains its splendor.

What are the consequences of allowing Turkey to buy real estate online?

Several factors have contributed to the rise in real estate prices in Turkey. Many construction projects were halted because there were not enough homes for sale, so many people could not afford to buy real estate.
The fact that buying apartments online indicates the importance and distinction of these properties, and therefore the real estate contracting companies compete with each other to provide the best and most distinguished.
Many people want to obtain Turkish citizenship, so many construction companies have been directed towards construction projects that comply with the stipulated conditions.
As it is easy to invest or buy an apartment in Turkey from a distance, without leaving your country, there are profits and a certain guarantee.

The real estate agent will help you find a home. :

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