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Buying apartments in Istanbul suitable for Turkish citizenship

Buying apartments in Istanbul suitable for Turkish citizenship

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the real estate sector globally, and has become one of the most important destinations for Arab and foreign investors, especially after the issuance of the foreign ownership law in 2012, due to the factors that made it competitive with the largest international countries, as the real estate market in Turkey has recently become one of the most important destinations For owners of money based on the elements owned by the Turkish state, such as a reviving economy, a stable political climate, preparing urban development plans, and building development projects.


Istanbul city

Istanbul is considered the economic capital of Turkey and the center of capital and businessmen gathering, in addition to being a tourist city par excellence for tourists from all over the world.
The pace of construction of mega projects in Istanbul is constantly increasing, through which Turkey seeks to compete with the strongest economies in the world, which was evident through the construction of Istanbul’s third airport, which is one of the largest in the world, as well as the new Istanbul Canal project, which is considered the Century Project, given the importance of the canal and its impact on The country’s economic future and the significant investment return expected from this project.
For those reasons we mentioned and other reasons, Istanbul is considered one of the best cities to buy a property in Turkey for the purpose of investment, as the Turkish government focused on setting up mega projects in it, and therefore the attention of investors turned to establishing housing projects near these projects.


Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul

Buying real estate in Istanbul has many advantages, most notably:

• Reasonable real estate prices
The prices of houses in Istanbul are very reasonable and appropriate compared to what Istanbul has in terms of luxury and comfort, multiculturalism, a moderate climate and an open job market, which increases the enthusiasm of those who want to live in Istanbul.

• Adequate living costs
Living in Istanbul is considered medium-cost, although it is a charming and beautiful tourist city that is as beautiful as European countries, in addition to the availability of all services there, and this factor encourages those who want to buy a home to make their decision.

• Many options available
The real estate market in Istanbul provides many options for those looking to buy a home in Istanbul, including regular apartments, duplex apartments, and smart homes, so when the person wishing to buy a property in Istanbul finds himself in front of many options Available and featured.

• Multiple cultures
Every foreign person who wants to buy a property in Istanbul finds that he has not completely alienated from his homeland, because of the cultural diversity that exists in Istanbul and the multinationality in it, such as tourists, investors, university students and others…

• Universities and Schools
Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it contains the most prestigious international universities and schools, and that many of its universities have a global rating in terms of the quality of education, and this increases the enthusiasm of those who want to move to live in Istanbul, as these advantages are not only due to the investor, but For anyone who wants to live there.


The best areas to buy a house in Istanbul

Many people when they want to buy a house in Istanbul and choose the best area in it, get confused because Istanbul includes 39 municipalities, and each municipality contains complete services to meet all needs without the need to go to another municipality, but the level of services certainly varies from one municipality to another.


• Basaksehir

Basaksehir is located in the center of Istanbul, and it is one of the most investment areas. The Basaksehir area has a modern and developed infrastructure, as well as a large group of high-end residential complexes spread in the Basaksehir area, which provide the elements of comfortable and high-end accommodation.


• Avcilar

Avcilar is located on the European side of Istanbul, 27 km from the city center and 54 km from Istanbul’s new airport.
The Avcilar area has a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.


• Esenyurt

Esenyurt is located in the European part of Istanbul, about 35 km from the city center. Esenyurt is one of the neighborhoods where all public services and daily needs of the population are available, such as restaurants, tourist resorts and markets.


• Beylikdüzü

The most famous and modern area of ​​Istanbul, and the Beylikdüzü district was able to attract many people who want to buy homes, who are looking for high-end neighborhoods to buy apartments or to invest in them, and it is located in the European section of Istanbul, 31 km from the city center. Beylikduzu overlooks the sea from the south, and Istanbul Lake from the west, and it has many advantages that encourage the investor to choose it.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship from real estate investment

When buying a property worth 400 thousand US dollars or more, the owner of the property has the right to start applying for Turkish citizenship , beginning by submitting the application to the Land Registry (Tabu), and then sending the application with the real estate evaluation report to ensure that the purchased property is worth 400 thousand dollars American to the Turkish Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship from real estate investment

• The value of the property should be 400 thousand US dollars or more.
• Obtaining a real estate appraisal document from a company specialized in providing real estate appraisals, and to be licensed by the Turkish government.
• Registering the property in the title deed.
• Paying the value of the property in Turkey through bank transfers.
• The property owner should not be a foreigner.


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