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Buying homes in Turkey for Algerians – Algerian ownership in Turkey

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 11, 2021

There are many nationalities come to buy and own Turkish real estate. Algerians are among the most popular nationalities buying property in Turkey. What are the reasons that led them to do this? What triggers are found in Turkey but not found in other countries? You can learn all about this topic by reading the following article.

The most important factors that prompted Algerians to buy homes in Turkey were:

Turkey’s booming economy:

Turkey is experiencing an economic recovery that has recently made great progress, and is expected to grow by 10% this year. Foreign investors have invested billions of dollars in the Turkish arena. The United Arab Emirates is responsible for the group, and countries from Europe have joined it.

The country, which has a thriving economy, enjoys various developments and modernity in various sectors and regulations. There is a safe wallet in which the funds are increasing.

Distinguished geographical location:

Turkey is located in a unique geographical location. It is located in the center of the world and on both sides of the continent. This location gave Turkey the right to supervise many important seas, as well as being located on two continents.

Turkey’s location is close to the Arab world. This location makes it an attractive target for investors from the Arab world. Turkey’s geographical location allows business owners to connect their businesses between East and West.

Real estate residence:

Algerians can buy homes in Turkey, which is one of the most important types of real estate residence permits in Turkey. These permits allow the holder to move through the Turkish states in complete comfort, and can be renewed.

The person obtains residency on the property, not only the owner, and it gives the holder many of the services that the Turkish citizen obtains. These include medical and educational services.

Buying homes in Turkey can lead to Turkish citizenship.

If the house is worth more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, Turkish citizenship can be obtained on its basis, after the amount you want to buy is one million dollars, and you must pledge not to sell it three years before the date. from buying it.

Real estate appraisal document:

The real estate valuation document is a safety tool for the investor, which proves the price of the property accurately and avoids the seller from becoming a victim of real estate fraud.

House prices in Turkey are suitable and cheap:

House prices in Turkey are cheap and competitive in many countries. They are of high quality and built to the highest international standards. It is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters, as well as soundproof.

It is worth noting that the real estate sector in Turkey is witnessing a great diversity, most notably the residential complexes, which are an imprint of modernity and sophistication in the real estate scene in Turkey.

The Turkish government offers several incentives:

The Turkish government did not hesitate to offer anything it wanted to foreigners in exchange for houses on its lands, and immediately provided the procedures required to obtain real estate in addition to tax exemptions.

Common culture and religion:

Algerian citizens targeted homes for sale in Turkey due to their common culture and customs, their Islamic religion, and their easy integration into Turkish society. Happy reading! He can make good friends.

Low cost of living:

Turkey is a country with a low cost of living and that is why many Algerians choose Turkey as their place of residence, as it offers a low cost of living with high luxury.

Investing in Turkey for real estate investment:

A large group of Algerian citizens targets homes in Turkey for investment purposes, as it increases especially during the tourist seasons and all the flexible laws that make it number one in the world.

Turks come among the list of foreigners who want to buy homes in Turkey because this country offers many special privileges and makes it easy for foreigners to do so. Turkey is one of the first countries in the world, because it has all the ingredients necessary for a harmonious life: freedom, democracy, stability and prosperity.

At Ramzy Real Estate, we would like to accompany you on the journey of buying a property in Turkey and provide you with a variety of services to ensure that the process runs smoothly and easily, as we are always keen to provide a variety of residential and investment real estate options, in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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