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Industry in Turkey – How Turkey turned into an exporting country!

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 22, 2021

Turkey is interested in developing the industrial and trade sector, taking advantage of the importance of its location and its geographical extension, which includes 4 seas, namely the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara and many commercial seaports, and the strength of its infrastructure of bridges and waterways, linking it between two continents, namely Asia and Europe

I worked on the construction of the largest airport in the world, Istanbul International Airport, to facilitate the process of trade, whether by transporting goods or the arrival of investors and capital.

Turkey has succeeded in supporting the trade and industry sector, especially with the provision of many facilities that encourage investment, such as tax exemptions, facilitating licenses for companies and investors, and reducing taxes.

Why are Turkish products distinguished?


Features of Turkish products

  • Turkish products are distinguished by the high quality of manufacturing and the quality of the materials used in manufacturing (due to the high competitiveness between companies and laboratories in Turkey, due to their large number and diversity, as Turkey is a young country with a high population density, which was positively reflected in creating a competitive atmosphere that raises the quality of products)
  • The diversity of companies and laboratories that manufacture Turkish products creates the freedom to choose between many varieties, and helps to produce more and faster
  • Low price of products, Turkey enjoys owning many raw materials that help it produce at low costs
  • Ease of exporting products in terms of licenses and commercial transport. Turkey is characterized by the abundance of shipping companies with their multiple services, whether partial or total shipping, by sea, sea or air transport.


What are the most important Turkish exports 

The value of Turkish exports to 6 neighboring countries during the first 9 months of 2020 amounted to more than 11 billion dollars! Iraq ranked first on the list

The movement of trade and export revives the Turkish markets, which is the backbone of trade in Turkey, and the materials and products exported from Turkey vary, as it exports minerals, agricultural materials, some important raw materials for industry and many other materials, and among the most important exports in the field of industry, is the clothing trade, especially modest and veiled clothing, to countries The Gulf and Europe, as well as the trade of home appliances, furniture, Turkish plastic materials and raw wood products, is one of the most important exports in the field of industry in Turkey

In the field of agriculture, cotton, figs, olives and wheat are among the most important agricultural exports, including grapes, barley and apples, and Turkish exports of minerals such as iron, copper and manganese cannot be underestimated.  

Industry development in Turkey 

industry in Turkey

One of the spinning and weaving factories in Turkey – Gaziantep

Turkey is no longer what it was. Anyone who visited Turkey in the seventies and visits it today will be surprised by the change in the industrial, commercial and urban sectors. Turkey has become an ideal choice for investment and launching economic and development projects. The government has identified a sector dedicated to supporting the wheel of development in the industry and Turkish export support 

The migration movement in recent years has contributed to opening the door for commercial communication to other countries, and at the top of the list is the Syrian community residing in Turkey, which has transferred a lot of expertise, crafts and specializations to Turkey 


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