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Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents – real estate in Turkey

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 11, 2021

Turkish citizenship is one of the most prominent dreams of these Palestinians, as citizenship facilitates many legal matters in the Turkish state. It should be noted that Turkish citizenship is not granted to Palestinians only, but various individuals from countries around the world have the right to claim Turkish citizenship for the longest possible period. Conditions apply to them. Cases have been authorized to obtain citizenship, and the conditions applicable to them have been applied.

Palestinians obtain Turkish residency

Before obtaining Turkish citizenship, Palestinians with travel documents may need to submit a Turkish residency permit for their residence in the country. Residency application procedures are as follows:

First, the individual must go to the government agency that issues residence permits during working hours.

2- Then he will have to write an application for a residence permit in Turkish territory and submit a Palestinian passport or travel document. Once his application is accepted, he will receive a free visa stamped in his passport.

A government official reviews your various legal documents to make sure they are being followed correctly, and this process takes about 90 days.

Then you will have to wait for the government to approve or reject your residence permit at your place of residence in Turkey.

Palestinian identity papers will allow Palestinians to travel with Turkish passports.

In its recent decisions, the Turkish government granted the right to obtain Palestinian citizenship, away from the complications that existed before, so that they can obtain it without the need to provide a residence permit, as well as they can own and start apartments. Investing in various fields.

Documents required for naturalization in Turkey

The process of obtaining proof of Turkish citizenship for Palestinians who have alternative documents to passports in terms of the required papers is similar to the various Turkish naturalization processes, so that the Palestinian must prepare the following papers:

1. Naturalization application form

2- selfies

A copy of your residence permit.

Your passport or travel document. Make sure to bring a copy of your passport or travel document, in addition to the original.

The certificate must have an apostrophe in it. It can be a certificate of any kind, but it must not contain a space between words.

The house must be signed by the person who bought it. The seller and buyer must sign a contract before selling the house.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

We have noted a number of advantages for obtaining Turkish citizenship for Palestinians with travel documents and other foreigners who belong to other countries, the most important of which are the following:

Turkish citizenship is one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of economy and politics, so Turkish citizenship is good.

Citizenship in Turkey helps the citizen to get his children to go to public schools, and also allows him to work in any of Turkey’s institutions.

If a Palestinian who holds Turkish citizenship is over 65 years old, he can benefit from public transportation services. A Palestinian may travel free of charge on bus and train services.

One of the advantages of obtaining a Turkish travel document is that the Palestinians who obtain it can receive free medical treatment in government hospitals.

Citizenship facilitates the completion of legal transactions in government institutions and departments.

After becoming a Turkish citizen, a Palestinian citizen has the opportunity to apply for a Turkish passport. This gives him the ability to travel to around 72 countries without a visa.

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Turkish naturalization cases

There are many cases in which the Turkish government grants citizenship to foreigners, in addition to granting Palestinians with travel documents the right to become Turkish citizens. Among those cases:

Marriage is one of the most popular ways for foreigners to obtain citizenship in many countries. A foreigner may marry a Turkish woman and then obtain Turkish citizenship without any problem if the following conditions are proven:

The main reason for marriage should be love and the desire for stability.

Marriage to a Turkish woman must last for at least three years.

Reviewing the papers of this foreigner to prove that he does not pose a security risk.

“Turkish naturalization through adoption decision: what is meant by adoption here is that the Turkish citizen decides to adopt a foreign child under the age of 18, and then this child has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship easily and without any problems, but this must allow the adopted child. He does not have a guardian.”

Possession of Turkish citizenship after settling in the country: Non-Palestinians have the right to obtain citizenship through residency, so that an individual can reside in Turkey for 5 continuous years from the date of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Through a temporary residence permit and then obtain citizenship, but on the condition that he does not leave Turkey for these five years. In addition to the conditions below, he must also comply with some other conditions:

Buying an apartment in Turkey and providing proof of ownership to the government.

In order to have a real family, we must get married.

1. Create a private investment that will benefit Turkey or work in various Turkish institutions [such as government agencies or NGOs].

and · to prove that your Turkish ancestors were your ancestors: · Recently, the Turkish government issued decisions granting foreigners of Turkish origin citizenship by submitting papers proving that they have at least one ancestor who was born or resides in Turkey. Here is an example of such a document:

Put the certificate on the table. Present something like a military ID.

You can find your family tree through the Ottoman Archives Foundation. The Ottoman Archives is a body that collects and preserves all documents of the Ottoman Empire – the government of the Ottoman Empire, which was an empire that existed from about 1300-1922. All records of this period are called “Ottoman” or “Turkish” because they were written in Turkish (written in Arabic letters), unlike anything else written in Turkish today, which is modern Turkish.

Turkish grandfather’s birth certificate.

Reading is important. Reading allows us to learn things that we cannot learn otherwise. Reading also makes us curious and helps us solve problems. Reading improves our minds and educates our minds.

Stages of issuing Turkish citizenship

To obtain Turkish citizenship for Palestinians who hold passports or other foreigners, the government has many steps to follow. Among them:

1- (After completing the Turkish naturalization form): This stage includes preparing the foreign citizen for Turkish citizenship, writing an application form, and then handing it over to the competent authorities. The process usually takes less than a month.

After filling out the forms, they are sent to the Turkish General Directorate. Then the papers are returned about a month later.

I need to review the file, and I will review the document by next week.

4- (Careful examination of the naturalization papers): At this stage, all the details of the citizenship applicant are examined to determine the exact marital status, and this process usually requires about two years.

If the Turkish General Directorate decides that the citizenship application does not have any significant obstacle, it will forward it to the Council of Ministers. If it takes about a month, he’ll get here.

The final decision is usually made by the Prime Minister within a maximum of two weeks. It is not necessary to obtain government approval to grant citizenship, as it may be refused for political reasons.

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