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What is real estate appraisal in Turkey and what are its importance and advantages?

Posted by آرام العقارية on February 5, 2022

What is real estate appraisal?

To answer the question What is a real estate appraisal? We say: It is a detailed report that shows the market value of the property according to certain criteria. It is also one of the official papers necessary to complete the transactions of Tapu registration in real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey, and it bears strong importance in determining the value of the property that grants its owner the right to apply for Turkish citizenship later 


Real estate appraisal in Turkey

Steps for real estate appraisal in Turkey 

The appraisal process involves submitting an online application for the purpose of valuing the property, then the queuing department nominates a list of appraisals approved by the Turkish government. A real estate appraisal is made by submitting an official online application for a property appraisal objective, then the Tapu management is selected by a list of appraisals approved by the Turkish government. 

Real estate appraisal fees are based on a variety of factors, and an annual price list is published in the Turkish Official Gazette.

We summarize the real estate appraisal steps as follows:

  • Foreign real estate appraisal requests are submitted to the Tabu website of the General Directorate in Turkey or by calling the Customer Service Center at 181.
  • The person who owns or represents the buyer (the agent) can choose a transaction on the site by selecting the one they want from the list of evaluation transactions.
  • The concerned person can follow the evaluation transactions, or re-evaluate through the same page.
  • The cost of the meal will be paid by the evaluation report of the relationship.
  • The application will be submitted to the relevant evaluation company according to an algorithm that guarantees the best completion of transactions. The algorithm also ensures that applications are given priority and that justice is always served in giving this privilege.

What is the importance of real estate appraisal in Turkey?

Real estate valuation is important in Turkey because it stands out in several ways:

  • To become a Turkish citizen, you need to verify your citizenship through a real estate appraisal.
  • A real estate appraisal report is necessary in order to obtain ownership of real estate in Turkey, so anyone who does not receive it is not authorized to own property there.

What are the advantages of real estate appraisal in Turkey?

The benefits of obtaining an assessment report include the following points:

  • To prevent price manipulation, we need to track down real estate fraudsters trying to sell properties at high prices, so we can catch up and prosecute them.
  • The more comfortable and secure you feel when working with real estate in Turkey, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • The property owner gives confidence to the foreign investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for the property. The property owner believes that the displayed value of the property is worth investing in, and these profits will be taken in proportion to its price.

Who does the appraisal of real estate in Turkey?

The Tabu Directorate is the main authority that foreign investors turn to in order to apply for real estate appraisal in Turkey. These reports are then prepared by the real estate appraisal companies that are hired by the Tabu Directorate.

The real estate appraisal report must be prepared by an independent and competent company. The list of these companies is announced on the Enterprise website, where the real estate appraisal website has been approved. Reports from rating companies will be accepted before the persons or companies are accepted. This page is for real estate in Turkey if the name of the property is not announced here.

Real estate appraisal report in Turkey

The General Administration of Queue Records and Real Estate Records, of the Ministry of Environment and Cities of the Republic of Turkey, has released a real estate appraisal report for the year 2019. Foreigners can access it.

Important information regarding real estate appraisal:

You will not have to take assessments that are part of the school district assessment process when purchasing items from government institutions.

If you want to buy real estate in Turkey to become a Turkish citizen, you will not have to pay for the appraisal report when you sell it through Emlak Konut or other government institutions. These sales are also part of government projects with government partnerships.

Determine the validity period of the report

Three months period to evaluate the foreign assessment report when applying for Turkish citizenship with its legal hope.

The appraisal report that was extracted when applying for a property purchase is valid for use in all transactions related to property ownership that was submitted during the reporting period.

Just the old appraisal

It will not be necessary to obtain a new property purchase appraisal report if the purchase was made within the past three years; Alternatively, the original evaluation report will be accepted upon purchase of the property.

The right to be evaluated by another person within a certain period of time.

The real estate appraisal report can be used by a different person to submit an application for the same property, provided that it does not exceed the legal validity period and is within three months.

If you purchased a property and it was registered with the government within the past six months, it can be registered as yours. 

Frequently asked questions about real estate appraisal in Turkey

Yes, you can apply for Turkish citizenship after buying a property from a foreigner. However, this process is different for people who have already bought a lot of real estate from foreigners in the past.

Only buy things that have a government guarantee. Otherwise, you cannot guarantee that you will get what you pay for 

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