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Real estate development in cooperation with Aram Turk Real Estate Investments
Aram Real Estate provides this service by searching for lands with ideal and distinctive locations to carry out real estate development and construction projects, whether at the level of small investments or large investments at the corporate level, this is done through a specialized team in this field and engineers Expert consultants in the Turkish real estate market
Our real estate development is divided into two parts,
construction within the new developing regions in Turkey, so that closed residential complexes are built, such as apartments, villas, palaces, or all together within the same complex, which is one of the most successful projects,
but it needs the capital of a company or group of investors

Construction in areas within cities on certain lands or the demolition of old buildings and the construction of new ones instead, as the Turkish government encourages this type of development (demolition of the old and new construction), which is called re-urbanization and spreads a lot in Istanbul, one of its most important features is the rapid capital cycle

Aram services in real estate development

Guiding foreign investors to areas experiencing growth in the Turkish real estate market
Finding suitable land opportunities for the projects desired by the real estate developer
Economic feasibility study for real estate
projects Marketing real estate projects

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