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The process of buying a property in Turkey – how to choose the best residential property

Posted by آرام العقارية on March 29, 2022


Many investors are looking for a property to live in Turkey, where there are large and small apartments, villas, and agricultural land, and some prefer to buy Turkish real estate within vibrant cities.


You have to take some steps so that buying Turkish real estate is safe as follows:

  1. Determine the right goal to buy the property

That is, is the property for housing in Turkey or investment? In the recent period, many people have purchased a property to live in Turkey or for the purpose of investment, but our goal in this article is to talk about buying Turkish residential real estate for living, and the important step here is to ensure that this property is in a vital, active and appropriate location for the desired goal

  1. See the real estate on the ground

 It should be noted that it is possible to manipulate, so you should not trust the property to be purchased or invested if the information is incorrect


  1. Use a real estate company to buy a property in Turkey

 When you come to buy a property to live in Turkey, and if you are one of the new people to buy real estate in Turkey, it will definitely guide you to what suits you.

  1. Ensure that the apartment does not require much maintenance

 This is very expensive and you have to study this matter before you sign the purchase contract with the real estate company. Here it is worth asking whether I choose a modern or old apartment as a property to live in Turkey

  1. Your budget is a major component of your choice

When buying a property for housing in Turkey, determine your money budget and then determine whether buying modern or old Turkish real estate suits you more, then contact a company that provides you with good specifications at a good price. If you choose the second, the results are better

  1. You have to know the area you will live in

There are many areas suitable for housing in Turkey, and you can buy Turkish real estate in Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir due to the calmness of these areas

  • The most important things if you make up your mind and think about buying a property in Turkey 

The process of buying a property in Turkey - how to choose the best residential property

  1. Thinking about the areas that should be near, for example, when we buy Turkish real estate in Ankara, it does not mean only comfort and tranquility inside the house, but you have to bear the noise, and you have to check the suitability of the location of the house for you completely.
  2. Also think about how far your home is from your work, how much time you will spend going back and forth, and how much you will have to pay for fuel if your work is far away.
  3. Think about buying Turkish real estate that is near your children’s schools, universities and work offices
  4. Also think about buying Turkish real estate near modern transport stations and lines, and think about the areas where there are well-developed and good transport networks.
  5. If you want tourist areas, you only need to buy Turkish real estate in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Bursa.
  6. And choose a desirable neighborhood to live in, with many of the necessities of life
  7. Be sure to be in places close to commercial malls near you, and about playgrounds, parks, hospitals, mosques, and vital and service facilities.

 These things give you more comfort while buying Turkish real estate.




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