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Turkish Land Registry – Real Estate Title Deed


The real estate title deed is the document that regulates about a specific property, and proves the ownership of the property for the person mentioned in the document, in which information about the property and real estate survey numbers are mentioned, and determines the location of the property, and this document is regulated by the Turkish Registry Directorate.


The General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Registry of Turkey 

The mission of the General Directorate is to establish the Turkish real estate title deed lands and properly preserve them, to carry out contract and registration procedures for immovable funds and to carry out cadastral services.

  • The organization of the provinces is divided into three;
  1. Regional Directorates
  2. Land registry offices
  3. Land Registry Directorates

Turkish Land Registry - Real Estate Title Deed

land registration

  • It is a register maintained under the responsibility of the state in accordance with the principles of registration and openness to show the status of real property and rights over it. In the Turkish Land Registry, the land area of ​​the immovable property, the property such as the owner, as well as the rights and obligations related to the immovable property are shown in the Easements, Mortgage, Explanation and Declarations section.

Records kept in the Turkish Land Registry Office

Various supplementary books are kept in land registry offices, each with separate tasks and importance. All these books are called land records.

  • key records
  • land registration
  • Property Ownership Register
  • magazine book
  • official documents
  • auxiliary records
  • class record
  • Correction track record
  • Owners registration
  • General intermediate goods register


 Real estate title deed

  • Land registry offices are responsible for contracting and registration procedures for immovable property, to ensure that the Turkish land registry is kept in a regular and healthy manner, and the state is fully responsible for all damages that may arise from keeping these records, in accordance with Article 1007 of the Turkish Civil Code.
  • The state recovers the officer who was found to be wrong in the damage. It is one of the most important records kept in the Turkish Land Registry offices
  • In which immovable property is registered in the places where land is registered, it indicates its legal status and the state in which the registration is carried out.
  • A busy page of the Turkish Land Registry is reserved for each of the immovable property. On these pages there are special sections containing information about the technical and legal status of the property.
  • It consists of four sections;

Part one: Technical data of the property and the owner’s name and surname

Part Two: Ownership, easements, immovable liability, and annotations

Part III: Data in which illustrative information is recorded

Part IV: Mortgage (right of mortgage).


Turkish Land Registry - Real Estate Title Deed


Floor Ownership Register: 

  • They are the records kept of immovable property that has been transferred to land ownership in accordance with the Buildings Law No. 634.

In immovable property that has been converted into apartment ownership, each separate section is recorded on a separate page.

  • Corrections Registry: Uses to correct errors made by the Land Registry Office
  • Owners Register: It is the book in which the names of the immovable owners appear within the area of ​​the Land Registry Office according to the first letter of the surname.
  • Public Intermediate Goods Register: Public intermediate goods such as pastures, pastures and winter lands are recorded in this register. Shows to which municipality or village this property belongs.


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