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Real estate management in Turkey

There are many reasons for which people buy a property in Turkey, some of them want to reside and settle, and some want to buy a property for the summer vacation or with the aim of achieving a profitable return. In all cases, buying a property in Turkey is a long-term investment and this needs management and follow-up Aram
Turk real estate investment team will be with you in all steps and matters related to the management of real estate affairs and always prepare for your visit as well as assisting you in interior design and furniture from maintenance and modification and benefiting from rental or investment returns
The real estate management department in Aram Turk It implements all real estate and property management services, whatever its type, from lands, shops or homes.

Aram Turk services in real estate and property management in Turkey

Decoration work from buying furniture, installing and maintaining it,
following up on the lease contract ,
managing the sales process in case the client wants to sell his property
, managing the real estate investment portfolio,
following up on billing and tax matters for the property,
supervising maintenance and cleaning matters.

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