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الجالية السورية في تركيا – استثمارات السوريين في تركيا

Posted by آرام العقارية on April 1, 2022

The Syrian community in Turkey on the labor market

The Syrian community in Turkey, Syrians in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest countries hosting Arab communities, led by the Syrian community in Turkey, which has been present since the start of the Syrian revolution in early 2011.

Studies indicate that the presence of the Syrian community in the Turkish market has contributed to the transfer of a large segment of Syrian professionals to the Turkish labor market, as it has become 2.9% of employment in the labor market Turkish, according to Turkish government statistics. .


The Syrian community in Turkey, Syrians in Turkey

  • Advantages of the labor market and investment in Turkey 


Before starting to talk about the contributions of the Syrian community in Turkey to the labor market, it is necessary to review the assets and advantages that distinguish the Turkish labor market from others:

  • Have a skilled and competitive workforce.
  • Its distinguished strategic position on the map of the global labor market.
  • The growth and development of the emerging labor market.
  • Reduce taxes and provide incentives to encourage investment.
  • Opening of large local markets.
  • The youth group represents the high percentage of the population and it is a productive group.
  • Renewable economic environment.
  • Solid and advanced infrastructure.

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  • Types of Syrian investments in Turkey 

The Syrian community in Turkey, Syrians in Turkey

Syrian Businessmen Conference in Istanbul 2021



The multiplicity and variance of investment areas for Syrians in terms of capital strength, and these areas include:

1. Industrial investments for the Syrian community in Turkey

In the Turkish market, there are 285 industrial centers organized in 80 provinces, another 216 areas will be opened, and 68 areas are being prepared for construction.

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2. Agricultural investment for the Syrian community in Turkey

Turkey is considered first in Europe and seventh in the world in agriculture, which indicates the strength of this field, and Turkey is striving to be one of the top five agricultural producing countries here 2023.

3. Tourism investment for the Syrian community in Turkey

You won’t find a better tourism investment than Turkey for its places crowded with tourists who use these tourism investments.

4. Real estate investment for the Syrian community in Turkey

And the golden rule followed in Aram Real Estate Company,   if you want to save and invest, you must invest in real estate, and when water and soil turn into money, that is investment.

 In 2017, more than one million homes were sold, indicating the domestic market’s buying demand and its need for more real estate.


  •  The most important business projects for Syrians in Turkey 

Many members of the Syrian community in Turkey are engaged in dynamic sectors, and studies have been published indicating the importance of the contributions of Syrian community businessmen in Turkey, and that the places where members of the community Syrians living in large numbers in Turkey are the best proof of the economic renaissance that Syrians have brought to Turkey.

She explained that in 2014, 4,500 Syrian community businessmen invested worth 1.23 billion Turkish liras, and only the following year, Syrian community businessmen ranked first among foreign investors.

The number of companies, businessmen from the Syrian community, is recently estimated at about 8,000 companies, with investments amounting to about 5.5 billion US dollars.

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