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Global clothing trade in Turkey

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 22, 2021

Global clothing trade in Turkey

With the growth of the trade sector in Turkey and the direction of investors and capital to open companies in Turkey and strengthen relations with merchants residing in Turkey, the clothing trade sector is witnessing a great growth in Turkey. , making it the first source of import in many Arab Gulf countries, especially that its quality is excellent, the fabrics used are good, and their prices are very good compared to European brands.

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world, where clothing factories are concentrated in Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul and other Turkish states.


Fashion owner of veiled clothes 

We can consider Turkey the number one source in the manufacture and export of veiled clothes, and the first destination for modest clothing, combining the authenticity of the East, the modernity of the West and the charm of fashion in high-quality clothes that keep pace with fashion without offending Arab and Islamic cultures, but rather earn the Arab dress a special luster from the beauty of designs Modern creativity, and this industry flourishes in Turkey and has its own markets, such as the veiled and bride market

The most important wholesale clothing markets in Turkey:

marter market

Lalali Market

Othmanbey Market

Bridal and veiled clothing market


Advice on the clothing trade in Turkey:

  • Make sure of the quality of the clothing industry from the lab you want to deal with
  • Ensure the progress of financial and commercial transactions through banks, to ensure that the commercial process runs successfully and does not fall into fraud and fraud
  • Ensure the availability, quality and speed of shipping with the lab you want to import from
  • You have to pay attention to knowing the taste of your customers for whom you want to import clothes from Turkey. The diversity of clothing factories in Turkey makes them include all kinds of modern clothes and fashion designs, but your customers will be of one taste, whether those who want to acquire Turkish veiled clothes, or modern Turkish fashion clothes
  • Try to limit your dealings with a number of trustworthy factories (after testing them with partial shipments), who provide various clothing products such as Turkish women’s shoes and bags, Turkish men’s clothes, Turkish children’s clothes and others, to get the privileges of working and not fall victim to a fraudster

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