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Investing in Turkey – Successful Investment Opportunities

Posted by آرام العقارية on March 29, 2022


Investing in Turkey is the best destination for achieving successful investment opportunities. What are Turkey’s best investment projects?

One of Turkey’s most important investment projects is the auto industry projects. The development and manufacture of the first locally made car was started in the 1960s, then the automotive sector in Turkey began to develop significantly after that, and recently it was announced that the first environmentally friendly electric car TOGG, which will be manufactured in Turkey, will be manufactured. It was launched in the fourth month on the market this year 2022.

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  • Turkey’s agricultural investment projects 

Turkey’s investment projects are characterized by the natural advantages that support the agricultural sector, which investment in Turkey enjoys from the availability of water, arable land, advanced agricultural techniques, a cheap and knowledgeable hand, and the great diversity of types of fruits, vegetables and agricultural products, as well as many programs to encourage and support investment in Turkey in the agricultural sector Among the most prominent agricultural investment projects in Turkey are:

  1. Investing in Turkey by raising honey bees, poultry or livestock.
  2. Investing in Turkey by cultivating grains, fruits, vegetables and spices.
  3.  Investing in Turkey by planting flowers and plants related to the ornamental field.


Investing in Turkey

  • Turkey real estate investment projects

Turkey’s real estate investment projects are witnessing a major boom due to the facilities and features they offer, and it is considered one of the most active and largest global markets due to the large permanent foreign demand in this market, and real estate in Turkey is one of the most successful and safe investments. 

What are the best investment projects in Turkey in the field of real estate?

  1. Investing in Turkey by purchasing land with an important and strategic location that can be regulated in the future, where it can be built on or sold at a profitable price later.
  2. Investing in Turkey by buying new real estate ready or under construction, and then selling or renting it at a higher price later.
  3. Investing in Turkey by buying or renovating an old property, improving it, and selling it at a higher price later.


  • Turkey’s commercial investment projects 

Investment in Turkey - successful investment opportunities, investment in the Turkish market, industry in Turkey, trade in Turkey, Turkey projects in industry

Establishing your limited or individual company to conduct business in Turkey is easy and simple, as it does not require a lot of time or procedures, and the expenses are considered low to establish, and the investment and commercial fields differ in the industrial, tourist and service nature of Turkey, and among the commercial projects that can be established in Turkey:

1) Investing in Turkey by establishing a wholesale trading company

Turkish products are of low cost and high quality, allowing to take advantage of trade opportunities from buying and selling wholesale products, and to gain from the price differentials.

2) Investing in Turkey by establishing a technical services company

 To provide technical and technical support for commercial companies, such as creating websites, marketing and advertising services.

3) Investing in Turkey by establishing a tourism facility

Establishing a resort, restaurant or hotel in tourist areas (such as Istanbul) Turkey is characterized by great tourist demand, and the establishment of a tourism facility is a successful investment opportunity in Turkey.

4) Investing in Turkey by establishing an import and export company

 Exploiting the strong demand from the countries of the world for Turkish products, especially in the field of textiles, clothing and foodstuffs.

5) Investing in Turkey by establishing a tourism services company

Exploiting the element of the huge numbers of tourists in Turkey and its continuous increase by establishing a company that provides various services such as transportation between places, flight and hotel reservations, and making tourist tours.


In the end, the decision to start an investment project in Turkey remains subject to a number of factors that can be identified through a comprehensive, accurate and extensive feasibility study, so that the study shows the strengths and weaknesses of the project and suggests appropriate alternatives to achieve the greatest gains.



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