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Projects in Istanbul

Turkey is no longer just a tourist destination, but one of the best countries in which money can be invested and the establishment of local and international projects that achieve profits and raise the standard of economic living in it.

If you are an investor and want to establish your business in Turkey, then you are in the right place, as Turkey has recently turned into one of the most attractive countries for investors, especially Arabs.

Turkey also offers ideas for profitable projects in Turkey, with the aim of providing job opportunities for many young people, whether they are citizens of Turkey or foreigners, in addition to providing many facilities for investment in them, and there are many areas that can be benefited from in order to make commercial projects, especially in Istanbul, which is one of the most important Turkish cities in terms of trade and investment.



Special project ideas in Istanbul

If you are an investor and want to create your own business, we will offer you a set of investment project ideas that you can choose from


Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the pivotal sectors in Turkey, and one of the main driving factors for public and private investments in the country. It is true that there are many construction companies in Turkey, but there are still many gaps in the environment and energy infrastructure.

Therefore, investors have great opportunities to work in the construction sector, and if you have a strong background in the field of engineering or construction, you will be able to start working in Turkey easily, or you can establish a business that sells raw materials used in the field of construction.



Turkey occupies an advanced position in the list of the most visited countries in the world, according to the statistics of 2011. Also, tourism in Istanbul is one of the most important landmarks of the city that is teeming with life and beautiful archaeological sites, in addition to the geographical location that characterizes the city of Istanbul, this statistic proves that tourism is a pivotal sector In the country’s economy, it is still possible to achieve further development in this sector due to the natural beauty that Turkey enjoys and the cultural assets in it.



Investment in the energy field in Turkey is considered one of the distinguished investments, after the various measures taken by the Turkish government in recent years, especially measures related to easing legal restrictions and privatization, and strategies to increase domestic demand for approved energy. The energy sector in Turkey is one of the few sectors in which the government welcomes newcomers with open arms.


cars and metals

Huge growth in domestic car use is expected in Turkey. However, there is a huge shortage of suppliers of various auto parts.

Thus, you can make a huge profit if you can start working in the field of selling cars or spare parts in Turkey.


Fabrics and textiles

The textile and textile industry is one of the most important industries in the Turkish economy, accounting for nearly 11 percent of the gross domestic product. Turkey is also a major producer of fabrics and textiles, and it welcomes investors at any time.

The textile and textile industry also provides many job opportunities, as the textile market made in Turkey is large locally and globally and welcomes new job opportunities.


Electronics & Home Appliances Store

Industry in Turkey is in constant progress and development, and among these industries is the electronics and household appliances industry.

Many brands such as Beko and Vestel have proven to be strong competitors to the world’s leading electronics brands. You will be able to make good profits at all if you start your own business in the field of selling electronics and home appliances in any city in Turkey.



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