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The importance of real estate investment – the best projects in Istanbul

The importance of real estate investment


For many years, real estate investment has been considered the most reliable of people’s future, and one of the safest and least risky investment tools.

It is also considered one of the preferred sources of cash flow for investors, because it achieves material returns for them through rental income, sale and real estate appreciation, and various commercial and investment activities that depend on real estate, and these revenues do not require a huge effort to obtain them.

The value of real estate increases with the passage of time, in proportion to the size of the projects surrounding the real estate, the population and commercial growth, and the services provided and available around it. Many real estates achieve huge price jumps within short periods of time, which achieve great profits for investors in a short time.

With the passage of time, the idea of ​​real estate investment has been strengthened, as the world is constantly changing, and this continuous change has led to the conditions of life and living and the desire of people to secure their future.


The best projects in Istanbul

Real estate investment in Istanbul


Real estate investment is one of the best types of projects that can be invested in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, because Istanbul is a tourist and commercial city par excellence, and Istanbul’s geographical and historical importance , helped attract many tourists and investors to it and stay in it to enjoy these landmarks of great importance.

In addition to the people’s need for housing and stability, and some want to invest in real estate by obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment , given that real estate investment is one of the doors to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkey is a destination for major real estate investors around the world, and there are many investment options between apartments, hotels, lands and real estate ready or under construction, houses, villas, halls, etc..
The Turkish government provides its strong support to this sector by issuing many decisions that encourage investors to come to Turkey and real estate investment in
Turkey Turkish real estate prices are also considered to be a great attraction for investors and foreigners are interested in real estate in Turkey , because of the cheapness of their prices compared to real estate prices in other countries.
We find a link between the investment fields in any country. The success of a particular sector imposes success on the rest of the sectors, in order to meet the needs and developments.


What distinguishes the Turkish real estate market?


The Turkish real estate market is characterized by several advantages, most notably:

It is a strong market supporting the economy, and it is the second most active and powerful construction market in the world.
Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment locations in the world due to its features and infrastructure.
Continuous support and facilities from the Turkish government to foreign investors wishing to own property.
Turkey’s geographical location has a major role. Turkey, with its economic, geographical and social location, attracts thousands of investors every year, and this situation also provides useful investment opportunities.
The monthly income and investment returns from real estate are relatively high in Turkey.

The strong Turkish economy, solid infrastructure and government support for these sectors made investments in all fields profitable and successful projects, and Turkey has achieved global achievements and ranks at all levels.


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