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Real estate investment in Turkey


Real estate investment in Turkey is considered one of the best types of investments because of its benefits and advantages that are in the interest of the investor and bring profit to him, and the percentage of loss in real estate investment may be small if we compare it with other investments such as investing in the financial markets, stocks or the stock exchange, in which the investor may lose Most of his money is in a few minutes, in addition to the fact that the property is a fixed asset that can be owned and not something virtual or imaginary intangible, and this feature makes the risk ratio very small, and no matter how low real estate prices in Turkey at one time, they will rise again.

We can now see that the real estate market in Turkey is full of Arab and foreign investors of different nationalities, as Turkey has become the preferred place for investors wishing to buy real estate because of its elements and encouraging factors, in addition to the great support provided by the Turkish government in this field.


Benefits of buying a property in Turkey


Buying a property in Turkey has many benefits, the most important of which are:

• Suitable real estate prices in Turkey: One of the most important reasons that made buying a property in Turkey a great benefit, is that its prices are appropriate and suitable for owners of large and small funds, and Turkey has outperformed all European Union countries and some Arab countries in which it is difficult to buy a property.

• Increasing demand for real estate: The continuous demand on the real estate market, whether it is for purchase or rent, new or old, leads to obtaining a constant and continuous monthly or annual financial return in the event of a desire to rent this property, or a material profit in the event of a desire to sell This property.

• Obtaining Turkish citizenship : One of the most important benefits of buying a property in Turkey is obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property , and since the Turkish government has allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, the number of real estate investors has increased, and the law stipulates that the price of the property must be Only $400,000, down from $1 million previously.
This procedure and other facilities provided by the Turkish government encouraged thousands of Arab and foreign investors to make real estate investments in Turkey, especially since the Turkish economy is rapidly growing and the real estate market is witnessing a continuous recovery, according to statistics.

• Capital value increase or property value increase: The property value will rise after several years and in the long run, and thus the capital will increase.

• High quality in construction: real estate in Turkey is of high quality and has been designed according to the latest architectural styles, in addition to the availability of large areas in construction and all services to provide an integrated lifestyle for the residents, and the best types of building materials are used, and security and safety standards have been adhered to. (Heat insulation, earthquake resistance,..).

• Mild weather: Turkey is distinguished by its mild weather throughout the year, unlike the European Union countries, which encourages investors to reside and settle in Turkey.

The Turkish economy is strong and has a solid infrastructure, and it is on the list of promising economies. The Turkish economy seeks to achieve economic and social development, which makes it a great place to conduct business and create strong economic development that pushes it to establish major projects.


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