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Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey online?

Posted by آرام العقارية on January 15, 2022

Technological developments have occurred recently in our time, and in light of the many measures taken to combat the Corona virus, online real estate purchase campaigns have started in Turkey, especially for investors who want to get a property as soon as possible.


Using digital tools, Aram Real Estate in Turkey has provided a safe way for customers to purchase real estate in Turkey online for their valued customers who cannot come to Turkey, and view the property on the ground. Due to the current circumstances caused by the Corona pandemic, which most countries are exposed to.

It is worth noting that we at Aram offer all guarantees that allow the owner of the property to obtain his property via the Internet, and to ensure that the customer has all the conditions he desires in his property.

Istanbul real estate online

Steps to buy a property online in Turkey

The first steps related to buying a property in Turkey while you are in your country, start by communicating with customer service or real estate advisors in real estate companies or contracting companies, and explaining your ideas about the property to be purchased from the geographical location and the specifications required in the property.

After presenting the appropriate offers to the client according to his requirements and conditions set by him, the first step in the process of buying real estate online begins.

virtual tour

We take a virtual tour with the client using the computer, where 3D or 4D cameras are photographed for the project area, property details and the interior parts of the property if any.

The virtual tour allows you to view the property as if you were on the ground, whether by filming with the latest advanced cameras, or by sending all the recorded videos, which highlight the property in its finest details and show detailed explanations of the property and the room, divisions and spaces of the property from the inside.

Project plans are sent to the client that include the total area of ​​the property, the area in square feet of each room and all other information needed to purchase the property.

This step is contract review. The customer must review the terms of the contract, then sign online to indicate that he has reviewed the terms, and if all conditions are met, the last step begins: buying a property online.


Money transfer

When a customer agrees to purchase a property online, the real estate company’s account must receive payment from the customer.

The money transfers include the first payment of the price of the property, or it can be the full amount that was agreed upon in the purchase contract, according to the payment method available in the purchase of the property, and based on it when we have a choice of payment methods, we move on to the second step.

Legal Agency via Noter (Notary)

After communicating with the Real Estate Department, obtaining comprehensive information about the property to be purchased, and reviewing their recommendations, a legal advisor will be contacted to send a contract on behalf of the client who purchases the specific property to the property. If you are not a citizen of Turkey or the country in which you live, contact one of the embassies in your country.

After that, our company begins to conduct all the legal procedures related to the ownership of real estate in Turkey, including the transfer of ownership, obtaining the title deed, and receiving the property.

Until the title deed is received, the seller will not transfer title. The seller will send all the necessary documents and paperwork related to the property to the buyer’s postal address or home address.

Ensure that the property qualifies to become an official citizen. In order to become a citizen of Turkey, the property must comply with the conditions set by the Turkish government.

We offer special offers for those who are looking for apartments in Istanbul and want to obtain Turkish citizenship. See prices and contact us for more details.


Things you should know before you want to buy a property online in Turkey 

There are risks and problems you may encounter. We will explain the ways to deal with these problems.

There are risks in buying a property in Turkey online. A mismatch between the feature and the specifications shown on the video indicates a trust issue 

Scam networks can take pictures of property you don’t own, or film a property similar to the one on video.

So we ask all clients to be careful when buying real estate from a distance, and to choose real estate companies with a long history in the market. A good reputation among real estate companies is important.

We advise all those wishing to buy real estate to purchase as many ready-to-move-in real estate as possible, and to align all areas mentioned in the building plan with the areas of the apartment visible via video technology. It is also important that you check the bank account of the real estate company, which will receive the purchase payments.

The process of buying a property can be slowed down by errors in the bonds, the agency used to transfer title and other papers containing personal data, especially the apartment or building number.

Therefore, we advise all clients to be careful when writing the agency deed at the consulate or embassy, ​​and to match the information between the agency deed and the property purchase contract.


What guarantees does Aram provide in case of buying a property through an online platform?

Our company will protect its valued customers by ensuring the purchase of a property in Turkey online, which will protect the customer from falling into fraud and fraud that he may be exposed to.

The company transfers the official documents necessary for the transfer out of Turkey, redirects the bank accounts of the real estate company and pays accordingly. Safe payment guarantee.

The title deed of the property to be purchased can be requested by the customer, where the customer can work to match all the spaces mentioned in the video with the original building plans and title deed.

Confirmation of the construction company that has been dealt with is very necessary, and to prove that it is a strong, credible and reliable construction company among the real estate companies in Turkey.

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