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Instructions before buying a property in Turkey

Posted by آرام العقارية on March 4, 2016

Before buying a property in Turkey

Should I buy an already built house in Turkey or a newly built house in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?
Buying real estate in Turkey depends on the status of the title deeds. It does not matter whether the property is under construction or ready for sale, but the condition of the title deed will determine its price.

Instructions before buying a property in Turkey

How are real estate in Istanbul bequeathed to foreigners?

Inheritance laws for foreigners are subject to the same laws as Turks. The property is transferred to the legal heirs as if it were a Turkish citizen and then, if necessary, according to the Turkish Civil Code, the value is reduced or the rights are reduced.

Who can buy a property in Turkey?

Prior to May 2012, Turkey had a strict real estate law that restricted many nationalities from buying property in Turkey. In May 2012, the Turkish authorities changed this policy by lifting restrictions on foreign ownership and opening the Turkish real estate market to all nationalities except Syria, Armenia, Cuba, southern Cyprus and North Korea.

Can I get a residence permit if I buy real estate in Turkey? Yes, as long as you have money to pay taxes.
Every foreigner who has purchased a property in Turkey has the right to obtain a residence permit for himself and all his family members if he meets the residence requirements such as insurance, a valid passport and a fixed address.

Where can I find apartments for sale in Istanbul?

There are many places and cities where apartments for sale in Istanbul can be found, and the European side of Istanbul has many options from Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, Sultan Eyup and other areas.

Are the so-called apartments for sale in Turkey a good investment?

Buying a property in Istanbul depends on the quality of the research. For example, buying a property for 250 thousand dollars to obtain Turkish citizenship does not necessarily mean that the purchased property is suitable for investment if studying the property is not a good investment. So there is a need to deal with an experienced real estate consultant and a good knowledge of the market. Ask Mr. Ali for advice on choosing the best property for real estate investment.

Who determines the price of real estate in Turkey?

If you are buying real estate in Istanbul within a new project, the price will be determined by the developer, but for the price of an individual’s property, does it suit you or not, there are real estate appraisal companies approved by the Turkish government and their task is to determine how much this property should be sold. Whether or not you purchased this property through a real estate agent, companies do measure the price of the property to determine if it is a good value. Real estate values ​​vary in different cities and neighborhoods. How much to search, compare and also turn to rating companies.


Instructions before buying a property in Turkey

Why should I use a real estate agent to buy a house in Turkey?

Buying real estate in Turkey is like any other purchase, as it is necessary for a person specialized in this field to provide the right advice and instructions to reach the optimal choice. I also heard that … when choosing a place and territory, the reason why it is there is that it has been in the Turkish market continuously, and therefore has enough information to be of great help to you. We at Lale Real Estate Group offer you a one-stop service according to the best real estate experts.

What are the documents required to buy a property in Turkey

A passport with its translation in Turkish and a tax number. There is some privacy for some nationalities, such as Jordanian and Palestinian, where a paper proving the nationality of the property buyer must be presented.

Would it be cheaper to buy a property in Istanbul without a real estate advisor?

Buying real estate in Turkey is more than searching for the cheapest topic, but this is a major factor that the investor must consider, but buying based on sound real estate advice is what will determine the value of the property.

What is the benefit of investing in Istanbul real estate?

Investing in real estate in Istanbul is a good investment for the money. You can obtain residence in Turkey and live there, and you can also buy real estate in Turkey.

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