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Buying a property in Turkey for Qataris…Ideal real estate investments

Many Qataris think about buying property in Turkey after they visit this wonderful country as tourists and enjoy its “all inclusive” hospitality.

A large number of Qataris are looking for a beautiful villa or palace to buy next to the sea, where they can spend short vacations several times a year, they tend to large spaces more than they want to buy small apartments.

For some Qataris, the main reason for buying a property in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship in the future, and others consider it a profitable investment and plan to rent or resell their property and earn from the price difference.
According to what we see, watch and hear, there is talk resounding in the atmosphere about buying real estate in Turkey. There have been many words in this regard and lines have been written about it and between the lines. What is clear to us is that this issue has many dimensions in all respects, and it is certain that the one who buys these apartments Not all of the residential properties in Turkey will be lived in, as he often bought them in order to work in the field of real estate investment, which is a magnet for foreign and Arab investors. The field of the stock market, for example, in which you can lose your money at once, and if you are a real estate owner in Turkey, you will get great advantages that make you permanently reside in it in order to invest your money and keep it isolated from the danger threatening it in another place, your money in Turkey is the rise And win for sure, and we will show in a few words that some successive ones will come

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Advantages of buying a property in Turkey for Qataris 

 By purchasing an apartment in Turkey, you will directly obtain Turkish citizenship. Of course, if you apply for it, and if your purchased property is worth 250 thousand US dollars and above, and this is an advantage that many hope to obtain by purchasing a property in Turkey, you will be able to You connect your business outside Turkey with ease, of course, if you are an investor with money,

Also, if we compare it with Europe, we will find that their life is cheap in terms of the cost of living and the basic needs that we cannot dispense with today.

Likewise, Turkey is an environment that suits the eastern community as a whole because of their customs and traditions that are close to the customs and traditions of the eastern community and the majority of the Turks are Muslims. In general, a conservative society that suits the Arabs to settle in. Excellent, high-end education of the highest quality. The education they have is like in any country that is on the path of civilization and progress, so your children’s future is safe.

And if you are one of the investors, the financial return that you will get will be excellent. You will rent the apartments in Turkey that you own on Turkish lands, and if you rent them during the influx of tourists to the country, it will generate good profits for you, because the tourism season is usually commercial and real estate owners exploit it to bring them a great benefit. The tourism season in Turkey is in the summer and in the temperate seasons as well. In the rest of the year that does not belong to tourism, the return is somewhat acceptable.

In general, Turkey is a comfortable place to live because it contains a beautiful nature. You will enjoy looking at its mountains, hiking in its gardens, and swimming on its beaches, in addition to its apartments that are equipped with the best international specifications and in the best style that makes it a desire for every person who thinks of ways to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Qataris buy real estate in Turkey 

Qataris’ interest in buying real estate in Turkey has increased, with increased investment opportunities and the Turkish government’s incentives to the real estate sector, through residency programs, tax exemptions, and granting Turkish citizenship to investors.

Here are the types of real estate that a Qatari citizen can buy in Turkey 

According to the 2012 law on the purchase of real estate, Qataris have the right to buy real estate in Turkey without any obstacles or conditions; From apartments, villas, shops, commercial offices, stores, hotels, buildings, lands, farms and other types of residential and commercial real estate.

Steps to buy a property in Turkey for Qatari nationals 

Buying a property in Turkey for Qataris, Qatari investments in Turkey

1- The buyer’s presence in Turkey to sign the real estate purchase contract, and someone on his behalf can be sent through an official agency

2- The tax number is extracted from the Tax Department in Istanbul, and this number is given to every foreigner in Turkey, to facilitate his official transactions.

3- Then he opened a bank account in a Turkish bank, in order to transfer the amount of money from the country of the resident to the Turkish bank.

4- He must provide a copy of the buyer’s passport translated into Turkish, certified by a notary, and the cost is about 100 Turkish liras.

5- Finally, the seller and buyer go to the real estate office “Tabu”, so that the seller gives up the property in favor of the buyer, and the latter receives the title deed and the key to the property.

It is worth noting that the Turkish property purchase tax is about 4% of its price.

The properties that Qataris prefer to invest in real estate in Turkey 

The villas and mansions are large, attractive, with stunning designs, located in areas with developed infrastructure, which are in great demand for year-round rentals.

It is important for the Qatari citizen to know that some reliable real estate agencies have already guaranteed rental purchase options for these villas.

Another important thing is that Turkey’s economy is characterized by stable growth and is one of the twenty largest economies in the world.

Those who bought real estate in Turkey several years ago can now sell it at a much higher price.

The real estate market in the country is constantly growing and every year there is a huge number of new buildings, including many luxury facilities that provide high-end services.


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