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The best archaeological sites in Turkey that are worth visiting – Tourism in Turkey

Posted by آرام العقارية on March 29, 2022


Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and the most attractive to visitors, as the tourism sector in Turkey is one of the most important sectors in the Turkish economy

Historical tourism is one of the most important pillars of the economy in the country, as it is visited by tourists from all over the world due to it being the cradle and foundation of many civilizations, as many civilizations have succeeded in it, including the Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians. At the end of the thirteenth century the Ottomans began to unify the Emirates and conquer the Balkans.

The Greeks, Persians and Romans fought on the territory of modern Turkey for centuries and built the most amazing archaeological sites in Turkey.

In this article, we will review the best seven places from our selection of the best ancient archaeological places in Turkey, each with its own story, which we briefly review.


The Turkish government pays great attention to the tourism sector in its desire to make Turkey the preferred tourist destination for Arabs and foreigners at the same time.

In recent years, tourism has been the most successful sector of the Turkish economy and contributes to the country’s integration into the global economy in an attempt to generate more income into the national economy.

The number of tourists coming to archaeological sites in Turkey in the year 2021 AD amounted to nearly 40 thousand visitors, which made them contribute to the country’s total product with approximately 21.9 billion US dollars. Therefore, the tourism sector and interest in historical sites is one of the pillars of the economy in Turkey.

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  • Archaeological places in Turkey you should know in 2022


  • fort kiva

The best archaeological sites in Turkey that are worth visiting in 2022, Turkey, tourism in Turkey

The city of Kiva in the Wilayat of Batman is located on the banks of the Tigris River. The history of the city goes back 10,000 years, and there are many archaeological sites in Turkey such as the Castle of Kiva, the Grand Palace and others.

The city contains many archaeological sites, including caves and houses carved in the rocks, which are still habitable until the present time, such as Topkapi Palace and many others…


  • Temple of Artemis

The best archaeological sites in Turkey that are worth visiting in 2022, Turkey, tourism in Turkey

The Temple of Artemis is the temple of the Greek goddess Artemis, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and one of the most wonderful archaeological sites in Turkey. The beautiful ones, including the columns, were of a unique and wonderful shape.

It is reported that after it was burnt and found the statue of the god Artemis Salem without any harm and people took this as a positive sign and the people of the city pledged to restore the temple and it was restored elaborately.


  • Historic Aspendos Theater

Tourism in Turkey, Turkey

Built in 162 AD, this beautiful and impressive Roman theater in Aspendos has 40 stone seats that can seat up to 15,000 people, which is useful because the concerts and festivals that take place here are highlighted annually within the Antalya region. One of the most important archaeological sites in Turkey.


  • Galata Tower

Tourism in Turkey, Turkey

Although it is not known exactly when the Galata Tower was built, it is generally agreed that it was erected during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian around AD 507.

The main objective of its construction was to be a warehouse for materials for the reconstruction of warships or commercial ships anchored in Istanbul, but during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, it was used as a prison due to its large area and location on the outskirts of the old city. in Istanbul.


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  • Statue heads on Mount Nemrut

Tourism in Turkey, Turkey

The heads of the statue in Mount Nemrut are among the most important archaeological sites in Turkey, which should appear in every list that talks about archaeological sites in Turkey.

The giant statue’s heads appear on most holiday postcards in the country.

These archaeological sites in Turkey have been mentioned in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where it is believed that it dates back to the first century BC and was built in honor of the Greek, Armenian and Persian deities, but at some point the heads fell from the main body structure and separated and remained to the present day.


  • Ani city ruins

The best archaeological sites in Turkey that are worth visiting in 2022, Turkey, tourism in Turkey

It is located in the Turkish state of Kars, adjacent to the Armenian border, which is known as the city of “A Thousand Churches, One Church and the Forty Gates.” The city has embraced many civilizations, the most important of which are the Seljuk, Byzantine and Sasanian ones.


  • Ankara Castle

The best archaeological sites in Turkey that are worth visiting in 2022, Turkey, tourism in Turkey

The history of the castle goes back more than 3000 years, and the walls of the castle were built by Emperor Michael II of Byzantium. its walls.



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