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Ispartakule district in Istanbul – a place of calm and stability

Posted by آرام العقارية on December 23, 2021

We often see in films films clips of an area or a residential neighborhood that enters us in a cheerful mood of stability and waiting for a beautiful and poetic scene

We always wonder about these shots

Is it a real area that actually exists

Or a movie trick?
The world is no longer the same as it was before after industrial development, the spread of cars and the lack of green spaces

Everyone is looking for a quiet area away from noise and noise pollution without moving to isolated suburbs and countryside

In the city of Istanbul, known for its large area and the large number of vehicles, activities and visitors, having a quiet and comfortable area is a dream for some

But it is no longer


The location of Ispartakule district in Istanbul 

It is a residential area par excellence, which combines all standards of stability and comfort

Surrounded by a green belt of organized gardens, it is located in the European side of Istanbul    

North of Kucukcekmece Lake

At the entrance to the municipality of Bahcesehir, and close to the Istanbul Water Canal, a metro station will be established in it during the next year to connect it to the public transport network

The Sparta Koli was built according to the classical modern architectural style,
and it consists of 9 residential blocks and the height of its buildings ranges from 10 to 15 floors.

The spaces in the residential units vary, starting from 60 square meters to 250 square meters in other units.

Its buildings are unique in their availability

Thermal insulated facades, designed to be independent of each other, with spacious balconies


One of the residential blocks in Sparta Koli


Advantages of the Sparta Koli area


The most prominent characteristic of Sparta Koli is that it has all the ingredients of an ideal area for living


geographic location

Only 80 km is the distance between Sparta Koli and the new highway (Northern Marmara Line)

You can reach the new airport in just 25 minutes


the climate 

The Ispartakule area is one of the areas rich in gardens and green spaces, in addition to its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal, to be established soon

It is far from factories and factories emissions



Sparta Coli is not just for housing

Rather, it contains a lot of various stores, gyms, restaurants and high-end cafes

It also has garages for cars and motorcycles

and bank windows

In Ispartakule, you are close to all the vital places in Istanbul thanks to its location and the proximity of the metro station to you


Great look 

Sparta Koli, the location of the Sparta Koli district

If you live on the upper floors in Isparta Koli, you can enjoy stunning views, the most beautiful of which is Kucukcekmece Lake and a lot of green forests and gardens.



Sparta Koli is an area designed primarily as a safe and quiet spot

Surveillance cameras are available in all the streets of Isparta Colli

In addition to the deployment of security personnel at all entrances to buildings and residential complexes inside and around them

The Ispartakule region is also considered one of the areas completely free from traffic accidents and traffic congestion thanks to the new and carefully designed road network.


Various designs

Apartments in the Sparta Koli buildings are not limited to one or two models

Rather, the designs reach nearly fifty different designs in space, focus and colors

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