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Characteristics and advantages of the Turkish passport

Posted by آرام العقارية on January 6, 2022


The Turkish passport is considered one of the strong and suitable passports for businessmen

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is an important priority for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, especially for businessmen

But what are the advantages of the Turkish passport?


Turkish passport

Turkish passport

The use of the Turkish passport was regulated for the first time by Law 5682 of July 15, 1950

Turkish passports are issued by the Directorates of Souls in all Turkish states that are administratively affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior

Passports issued since June 1, 2010 are distinguished by the feature of “biometric” passports, which
vary in their expiry dates, including up to ten years.

Passports issued by the Turkish government vary according to the holders and their practical and official characteristics


General Turkish passport

It is used by all citizens and is granted to investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship as well, when they apply the conditions for obtaining citizenship in Turkey

The general passport is issued in red color and consists of 60 pages and is valid for a maximum period of ten years from the date of its issuance and its holder can travel to all countries

Turkish passport for state employees outside Turkey  

This passport is granted to employees of the Turkish state working in embassies and consulates and is marked in gray


Turkish passport

It is carried by former members of the Turkish House of Representatives and former ministers and marked in green

Turkish diplomatic passport  

It is carried by ministers, ambassadors and high-ranking officials in the state and is distinguished by the black color, which is the highest passport in Turkey



Advantages of a Turkish passport

Ease of obtaining a Turkish passport

One of the most important advantages of the Turkish passport is the ease of obtaining it by investing in Turkey, especially in the real estate investment sector in Turkey

Ease of travel

The Turkish passport is ranked 36th in the world according to the strength of the international passports and the rankings of the “Passport Index” website.

Turkish passport holders can enter 57 countries without a visa

And 44 countries through an instant visa issued when you enter the airport, and 4 countries through an electronic visa

You can enter 92 countries with a visa, including Western European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands


Istanbul new airport

Advantages of Turkish passport holder

Benefit from all the rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizen.

Owning real estate completely freely without being bound by the conditions of foreign ownership.

Ease of creating projects and implementing all investments. –

The Turkish passport holder can maintain his original nationality and his first passport with the Turkish passport, given that the laws allow dual citizenship

Benefit from health insurance services and treatment in government hospitals.

Freedom of movement and travel to various countries of the world

How to get a Turkish passport

Book an appointment to obtain a passport from the Directorate of Souls website online

Go on time to the Directorate of Souls in the state in which you reside, and submit

ID card and personal photos.

Pay the passport issuance fee.

The Turkish passport is issued after 7 to 10 days after submitting the papers and sent to your address

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