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Necmettin Erbakan…Erbakan Architectural Vision and Dream

Posted by آرام العقارية on March 29, 2022


We may need lengthy reports if we want to learn about Necmettin Erbakan and his political and economic experiences and dreams that he sought to achieve for the renaissance of Turkey, but in this article we will only refer to Erbakan’s architect’s dream in which he saw Turkey’s superiority in investment and tourism, as he was one of the first Who is active in the development of real estate projects in Turkey with an approach closer to modernity and progress in architecture, construction and projects.

After the end of the Ottoman rule and the establishment of the new republic in 1923, the political system in Turkey became secular, and Turkey headed a strong trend towards Europe and America, but Professor Necmettin Erbakan, who obtained a doctorate from Germany, saw otherwise; The cultural and civilizational depth of Turkey resides in it, as it constitutes the core of the Islamic world, its culture and art, especially in the field of architecture. He had a forward-looking vision called “ Erbakan’s Architectural Dream ” through which he aspires to establish projects in Turkey that restore its prestige and prestige.

Erbakan’s architectural dream began to grow in his mind and gradually develop, especially after he held political positions, and became a deputy in Parliament, but he was prevented from participating in various governments because of his anti-secular activities. After his first party, the National Order, was dissolved, he established the National Safety Party in 1972, participated in a coalition government, and began preparing ways to realize Erbakan’s architectural dream.


Necmettin Erbakan...Erbakan Architectural Vision and Dream

Necmettin Erbakan


 Erbakan Architectural Dream

Former Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan believed in the possibility of combining both Islam and the Renaissance. He did not see a conflict between having a political system that adheres to Islamic values ​​and the success of this political system in achieving the desired stability for society, and presenting the community with new investment projects that advance it at the level Both economic and architectural.

In light of these theoretical premises, Erbakan thought that there should be social and architectural developments that highlight the awareness and progress present in his thought, in order to try to provide an experience different from the dominant material style. He wanted there to be several new investments that would help move Turkey to more advanced commercial and economic stages. In addition to similar military and cultural developments. From this point of view, Erbakan’s architect’s dream of constructing the water canal in Basaksehir to Kucukcekmece, which constitutes the nucleus of trade and maritime transport in Turkey, began to crystallize.

 Water Canal in Basaksehir – New Istanbul Water Canal 

The water canal project in Basaksehir or the Asr Project, is one of the largest projects to be implemented in the twenty-first century in Turkey. The project aims to connect the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the project line will be parallel to the Bosphorus Strait.


Necmettin Erbakan...Erbakan Architectural Vision and Dream

New Istanbul Water Canal

This channel is the embodied image of “Erbakan’s Architectural Dream”.

This canal will provide a great opportunity for the real estate sector in the city, as real estate prices began to increase in the city before the establishment of this channel, especially in the areas of Avcilar, Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, and Arnavutkoy, and this scheme contributed to the establishment of a large number of huge projects in the area Basaksehir is famous, where the region witnessed the construction of many commercial complexes, health facilities, halls, sports stadiums and transportation projects.

The project “Water Canal in Basaksehir to Kucukcekmece” aims to protect the historical and cultural fabric of the Bosphorus, increase the security of navigation and the movement of ships in it, reduce pressure on it, and establish a new international water crossing. Aquarium in Basaksehir according to the horizontal architecture style.

  • Stages of preparation for the Istanbul Canal Project 

After the Turkish President announced the project (Arbakan’s Architectural Dream), studies and research were conducted with several universities to determine the course of the water canal in Basaksehir.

Five different paths of the waterway were under study, taking into account the nature of the surrounding soil, the possibility of implementing the project, its financial cost, and how the canal will affect the water resources in the region.

6 thousand and 149 meters of the waterway is located in the Kucukcekmece region, 3 thousand 189 meters in the Avcilar area, about 6 thousand and 61 meters in the Basaksehir area, and about 27,383 meters in the Arnavutkoy area.

Experts conducted preliminary studies of the canal course during the period between 2013-2014 in the light of geological and geotechnical data obtained through excavation work along the canal path in Basaksehir.

The committee responsible for the water canal in Basaksehir held several meetings with the relevant institutions in order to coordinate with them regarding the projects that were supposed to be built in the project area. During the period from 2014 to 2017, geophysical studies and preliminary studies for the project were prepared. Also, between 2017 and 2019, the committee prepared detailed studies on the project’s land, engineering studies and an environmental impact assessment report.

In light of the information resulting from previous studies, the design of the “Water Canal in Basaksehir” project was completed, and reports were prepared that included the results of geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological studies for use in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

It can be said that with these reports, Erbakan’s architectural dream began to crystallize, emerge and take shape, and the water canal in Basaksehir began to materialize on the ground, thus declaring the beginning of a new phase in Turkey whose motto is excellence, progress and development.

 Cost of the Istanbul Water Canal Project – Basaksehir 

It was planned to establish additional projects and various facilities within the framework of the “Water Canal in Basaksehir” project, including a port for ships, a container port, a logistics center, entertainment venues, restaurants, games halls, and more.

In order to ensure that the water canal in Başakşehir operates properly without any obstacles, there must be breakwaters at the entrance to the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and places for ships to park, places for boat tugs to stop, beacons that guide ships on the roads, maintenance stations, and administration headquarters.

The cost of the “Basaksehir Water Canal” project is expected to reach 75 billion Turkish liras (about 8 billion and 552 million dollars) and will be built in cooperation between the public and private sectors.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made it clear at the project announcement meeting that the costs of the project would be fully covered by local capital.


Necmettin Erbakan...Erbakan Architectural Vision and Dream

Basaksehir – Istanbul

  • 6 bridges over “Canal Istanbul” 

The preparation work of the “Water Canal in Basaksehir” project lasted about a year and a half before the tender was launched. The construction of the canal is expected to be completed within 5 and a half years, and the completion of all phases of the project within 7 years.

The water canal in Basaksehir will make Istanbul a city through which two seas will cross, and 6 bridges will be built over the canal. It is planned to build a huge city on both sides of the canal, with 250,000 homes on each bank.


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