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Buying a property in Turkey … How and steps

Posted by آرام العقارية on February 14, 2022


 To choose a real estate company known for its authenticity and integrity to deal with, and which provides you with many services from the moment you arrive in Turkey until buying and registering a property. These companies save you a lot of time and effort by offering many options of apartments and real estate that suit your desire And then it enables you to obtain real estate advice from experts and specialists, as there are a number of lawyers who follow all legal procedures and are keen to preserve your rights and ensure that you are not exposed to embezzlement or deception,

 As a company ( aramturk  ), we are an Arab-Turkish company of a committed nature ((with religion, laws and morals)) extensive experience and a professional team working to simplify and facilitate (obtaining Turkish citizenship and owning real estate) we offer you our services from the moment you arrive in Turkey until buying and registering a property


  • Buying a property online:

This is by using video communication channels like Facetime, Skype, Video Call by WhatsApp, etc.

It can seem a little strange when buying a property in a foreign country over the phone to most people. However, if you are dealing with well-known professional real estate companies, it will turn out to be an advantage. Exactly at this point, aramturk offers buyers a seamless and transparent process for purchasing over the phone. Since we are the innovators of the  remote ownership method , we have completed over the phone every 2-3 months of sales without any failures since 2008.

 Visit the advisory customer service  page .


Buying a property in Turkey

  • Why buy a property in Turkey – the advantages of buying a property in Turkey 

Real estate buying experts in Turkey consider that real estate investment in Turkey gives its owner many benefits and advantages, such as:

  1. Granting the real estate investment owner in Turkey several advantages and facilities to reside in the country and the freedom to travel, enter and exit it.
  2. It is possible for the real estate investment owner in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship within 90 days if the amount of the real estate investment is equal to the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship. ($250,000)
  3. The owner of the real estate investment in Turkey obtains permanent real estate residence and enters and exits to and from Turkey without the trouble of an entry visa.
  4. Living in a property you own in Turkey reduces rent and frequent relocation problems.
  5. Considering real estate as a way to save financial savings so that it does not lose its value in the long run.
  6. A profitable investment, especially in the event of buying several apartments in Turkey, where there are projects that offer offers for more than one apartment to obtain Turkish citizenship, and thus the real estate investment owner in Turkey can reap a high financial return when renting apartments.


–  How to buy a property in Turkey – Steps to buying a property in Turkey:


1-   Do your research

 The real estate buying market in Turkey is growing day by day, in every sense of the word more than 1000 properties for sale in Turkey, more than 100 real estate agents, everyone says different things, different advice, and we aramturk  believe in our strength because of our long life and experience in the market, we have We dealt with more than 1,000 real estate deals in Turkey, so we advise you to do a comprehensive search of your own about the area that meets your desires and needs, according to the budget available with you, and the expected lifestyle that you will live in this property, and we provide you with serious and frank information, photos and videos about Turkish areas such as We also show you the best sources and the legal and technical issues related to this.

2-  Compare agents and talk to the real estate agent of your choice

We advise you to check customer testimonials with various real estate companies and agents in Turkey through their websites, and compare agents and the extent to which they have developed real estate in Turkey, which is a very important step, and if they have a long and long time experience in the Turkish market, they are often strong and credible, and you have to You also have to make sure that they understand your demands and desires, and that you explain them to them in the most accurate and detailed way so that they can provide the right property for you completely. The right real estate agents.

3-  Visit Turkey before you buy and go on a preview trip with aramturk real estate marketing and consultancy company :

What you see with your eyes is honesty. This sentence is the most truthful and this applies to the description of buying real estate in Turkey, and in order to ensure your success in deciding whether this property is the one you want or not, you will need to visit Turkey yourself to get to know the surrounding areas of the place The real estate, restaurants and facilities nearby, going out to the area, local cuisine, malls and shopping stores for food commodities, and we do not just sell you a property and then leave you in an awkward situation, but we would like to sell you a lifestyle and location that you have dreamed of for a long time and ideal areas surrounding you to feel comfortable, and if any A person is trying to sell you a property over a phone call without seeing it, feeling it and realizing that it is real. We advise you not to trust him because this is not the appropriate and correct way to buy a property.

And in the event that you are unable to come to Turkey, do not worry, our company provides you with an electronic tour with a live and live broadcast from the moment we leave the company to every property and project, to see all the details and places we pass through and every step we take with you on the broadcast to see all the properties and projects for yourself, And to make you present in Turkey via broadcast and make sure for yourself that you choose the property that suits you, during initial conversations via phone and emails, and perhaps face to face before the inspection trip, we will have allocated a number of distinguished homes in Turkey according to your needs that you will see, we just want to ensure You have made the right decision and this is the main reason for building very strong and good relationships with you.

4-  Negotiate the price :

When buying real estate in Turkey, whether you want to buy a villa, apartment, or any property in Turkey, we will always negotiate on your behalf to guarantee you the best possible price and achieve the conditions you desire. We can secure big discounts for you sometimes from architects or property owners, We will certainly do our best to secure the best possible deal for you,

5-  Seizing the property and freezing its price :

You have to reserve the property in order to be able to proceed with the purchase process, and pay the reservation cost to purchase real estate in Turkey in general, in all parts, from $1,000 to $500, and it varies according to the value of the property and is refundable during a specified period of time, and this amount goes to the seller as insurance For reservation and then deducted from the agreed purchase price, and therefore if you book the property and then decide not to complete the purchase of the property, the reservation amount you paid will definitely be refunded within a specified period of time from 10 to 20 days, so you must have made the final decision in Stability on a particular drug.



6-  Preparing all required documents :

The documents required to complete the purchase transaction are:

  • A copy of the buyer’s passport translated into Turkish.
  • Two recent personal photos of the buyer.
  • The buyer’s tax number is obtained from the tax department in Istanbul or the city in which the purchase was made. This number is given to every foreigner in Turkey to facilitate all legal matters and transactions and can be obtained through the passport, and aramturk extracts the tax number on behalf of about the client.
  • Extracting the real estate appraisal report.
  • If the customer desires, a bank account is opened for the buyer in one of the licensed banks in Turkey, in order to facilitate the transfer of the value of the apartment through the bank .

7-  Completion of the sale process :

Submit the papers to the title dept. and pay the title deed tax, which is estimated at 4 percent of the property value, and pay the (KDV) tax in the case of buying a property directly from the creating company, which is 1% of the property value, and waiting for the completion of the procedures for transferring ownership of the property, it takes to register the property in the name of the buyer A period ranging from 1-5 days, in the waiting period, the value of the property is paid in full to the seller, and after the completion of the procedures, the title deed of the property is delivered to the Land Department and the Land Registry, in the presence of the buyer and seller parties, in addition to a sworn translator to translate the information related to the property to the buyer in English or Then the title deed of the property is officially delivered to the buyer by the employee of the department.

What is the best time to buy a property in Turkey?


Buying a property in Turkey

There are several points of view on the subject of  buying real estate in Turkey, where we have two teams: economists and real estate investment experts.

  • Real estate investment experts say that  real estate in Turkey should be purchased at the moment because Turkish real estate is on the rise and increasing in profit, and they also expected that Turkish real estate in the future will become the first leader in this field.
  • As for economists, they say that you should not be reckless and buy any property at the present time because the market is not stable and  buying real estate in Turkey can lead to doom and loss of money, keeping one’s money in one’s hands is much more profitable, and real estate consultants say that this is an excellent period for  buying real estate in Turkey .
  • In particular, for those who own the full price of the property, they will receive a discount of up to forty percent of the property price or a little less. According to the studies conducted on this subject, it turns out that the advice of real estate consultants was the one who resonated, and the result was positive as well.


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