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Buying real estate in Turkey … papers and documents required

Posted by آرام العقارية on February 5, 2022


What are the documents and papers required to buy real estate in Turkey?

This question is frequently asked when starting to implement a property purchase plan in Turkey 

In this article we will provide a complete guide 

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What are the documents needed to buy a property in Turkey?


Buying a property in Turkey

To complete the process of buying real estate in Turkey, the following documents are required:

A copy of the passport

If you are a foreigner legally residing in Turkey, or not residing there, and you have the right to own real estate by being one of the nationalities allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, you must present the official document that granted you the right to enter the country and issued by your home country.

It is required that the passport be translated into Turkish, and the translation certified by one of the accredited Notre departments 

Tax Number Vergi Numarası

It is important to keep track of your financial dealings in Turkey by recording your tax number for each foreigner in a document called “Registration Form”.

Talk shortly after extracting the tax number, and the importance of this number in transactions.

4 personal photos

 A picture of the person who owns the property.

What is the tax number in Turkey?

The tax number in Turkey, or Vergi Numarası, is a number assigned by the tax department in Turkey to each specific person. There is a need for many legal or formal transactions. The tax number is also needed for a foreigner residing in the country when he wants to open a new bank account in Turkey. it is necessary.

This number can usually be obtained easily and in a few minutes, regardless of where the person resides in Turkey.

The tax number is important to understand when many transactions, such as paying residency, registering car ownership, or making a real estate purchase, have legal status with the Turkish government.


How can I get a tax number in Turkey?

As mentioned above, the tax number assigned to Turkey does not require regular business presence in Turkey.

After the passport or rental copy has been processed at a notary, the tax department is recognized in the document. The tax number is extracted directly from the document.

What is meant by nutr? 

In Turkey, the entity or department is responsible for certifying official papers and confirming their integrity. The integrity of the signatures and seals on these documents is subject to its jurisdiction.

Nutrition in some Arab countries is similar to the justice system. Nutrition certification of credentials and acceptance by the official authorities. The feeding function ensures that the papers are correct and conform to the seals.

Thus, documents collected from foreign languages ​​will have a legal status after being certified by a notary public (nutrition), government departments and the judiciary.

Stamps are usually used on papers and documents of great importance.

  • Personal papers, such as passports and driver’s licenses, are translated into the official languages.
  • Some universities issue degrees from other countries.
  • Some documents require the existence of a marriage or guardianship before they can be used. It includes marriage contracts and child guardianship certificates.
  • All types of real estate, residential and commercial contracts.
  • All types of public and private agencies.
  • Undertakings and contracts of partnerships.
  • All paperwork must show the government that you are legitimate. This includes things like marriage and birth certificates.
  • real estate contract It is only valid if the person signing it is actually buying or selling real estate.
Buying a property in Turkey

Notre office in Ankara Province


Noter offices in Turkey, and can I communicate with them without a translator?

Notary offices are located in all Turkish cities, and every city has a Great Catebe District. Each district has a dedicated notary, and each district has a large department, the Notar Chamber, which oversees all notary offices in that district.

When evaluating the nifty document, the number and full data of the nut is recorded. To review intersexual loved ones depending on the name or number of the department, you can use, then choose the notepad, then the search criteria are specified and the Aramaya Basla is pressed to locate the intended nut.

If you do not know Turkish, you may need to have a sworn translator accompany you when checking your documents. NUTAR offices will require this certification.

The cost of attesting papers at a notary varies depending on the type of document, number of words, and some other factors.



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